My husband has always had gold hands. His massages were particularly beneficial to me when I had serious health problems. I particularly appreciate his moments of calm and relaxation that allow me to relax ...
Gaëlle HUMBERTTherapist's wife - RCI BANQUE


Jean Ladure
I had problems in the lower back very painful. Frederic spotted the muscle knots and worked on it effectively because after 3 sessions I had nothing left. I also appreciated his advice to avoid hurting me again.
Jean Ladurebaker - M&S


I met Frédéric after my 3rd delivery. I needed to take care of my body and relax completely. From the first session I felt a lot of happiness because finally I could take time for me. Soft music, subdued lighting, the use of aromatic oils ... everything is done to relieve stress. Herbal tea after the massage was a very nice touch :)
ChantalHousewife 4 children - Mother &Cie ;)